Brahman Ishvara difference

Brahman is the unmanifest primordial cosmic entity that resulted in creation of present cosmos. Brahman is the underlying reality, the sap of all human beings, the life-giving energy on mother earth. Seekers, travelers of spiritual path always prayed to Brahman, God Almighty.


People indulging in religious practices always prayed to Ishvara, the manifest Swaroop of God Almighty. As practitioners of religion could not visualize, conceptualize the unmanifest identity of God, they visualized God only in Sakaar form (having a form).


For those indulging in religion, Ishvara was always benevolent cosmic giver. Those indulging in religious practices (rituals) always prayed to, worshipped Ishvara form of god.


Those following Hinduism religion identified Ishvara with various idols of gods and goddesses kept in Hindu temples. Those following Christianity identified God with images of Jesus Christ, mother Mary. Followers of Islamic Dharma though against idol worship prayed to invisible god called Allah, Khuda with the belief that it could bestow material riches on them.


Irrespective of religion, those indulging in religious practices always prayed to Sakaar form of god.


On the contrary a traveler of spiritual path always believed that Nirguna, Nirakaar Brahman had nothing to do with ephemeral world! Everything was totally based on karma indulged by individuals. As our karma accordingly the manifestation of material riches!


Seekers always believed spiritual journey was intended to end cosmic circle of life of a spirit, soul atman within. For a seeker, the manifest physical world was only a means to an end. For souls’ atmans to regain their lost original pure prime pristine primordial form, services of mother earth are necessitated. In absence of life supporting planets like mother earth souls atmans could not manifest a body to cleanse self of dross impurities within.


The goal of physical manifest life for a spiritual person differed from that of religious person.


Believing in Brahman, the invisible God a spiritual traveler always took the inner journey towards soul atman existing in heart whereas one indulging in religious practices (rituals) remained limited to worship of God as Ishvara and enjoyed material pursuits of life.

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