Hinduism Culture

How Hinduism gives hope to people of India

Some of the following facts of Hinduism are eye opening. 1. Hinduism is not only the oldest religion of world but also the wisest. Hinduism gave to mankind wisdom of Bhagavad Gita following which even Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed succeeded in reaching state of enlightenment.   2. Hinduism also advocates that following the teachings of Lord Krishna […]

Why did Buddhism and not Hinduism make an impact in China

What is the value of Buddhism compared to Hinduism, the two can never be compared! One is the mother religion and other only an offshoot.   Hinduism religion is also called Sanatana Dharma, eternal Dharma existing from times immemorial. Even before a single religion existed in world existed Sanatana Dharma!   Following precepts of spirituality contained in Hinduism primarily Bhagavad […]

In Hinduism is eating meat a sin

Yes from dharmic point of view eating meat is a sin only in some circumstances. For dinner if we require one duck and land hunting three then for the extra two killed, we have sinned and shall be punished by god. To meet our basic requirement if we eat meat it is not a sin.   People living in tundra […]

Will Hinduism survive past 2100

Survivor of Hinduism was never at stake, not now or in future ever! Hinduism is one religion in entire world that has sustained all rigours of life on mother earth and would continue to do so. Temporary even China feels it has surrounded India from all sides through malpractices but wait for a few years, China would surrender back the […]

Do Hindus believe in one God concept

In every single religion of world there were two paths to follow, religious or spiritual or both. Same is the case with Hinduism; one could either indulge in religious practices (rituals) or keep confined to spirituality, the ultimate truths of life following which human beings gained enlightenment.   Definitely practicing spirituality is the best way out. Who would not desire […]

Can a non-Indian practice Hinduism

First of all Hinduism is not something that could be practiced. Hinduism scriptures demand indulgence in contemplation (chintan) to realize the hidden underlying meaning of sacred texts contained in scriptures of different religions of world.   Secondly any human being world over belonging to any religion, faith or belief can all the time indulge in teachings of Hinduism particularly Bhagavad […]

Hinduism can you convert

For indulgence in any scripture of Hinduism one need not convert to Hinduism ever.   Hinduism is one such religion that is also called Sanatana Dharma, a Dharma existing from times immemorial. Hinduism is also called a way of life. Following precepts of spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita seekers like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed succeeded in […]

Does Hinduism believe in Jesus Christ 1

I distinctly remember even before going to school around five years of age we were told stories in our home about Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ even Prophet Mohammed. All these enlightened souls are revered in Hinduism. Rather, Hinduism reveres all seekers who succeeded reaching state of enlightenment in their lifetime.   Before Jesus Christ became Jesus Christ there was no […]

How can Hinduism impact an individual

Hinduism religion has two facets to life, one the religious aspect and other the spiritual.   It is primarily the spiritual part that dramatically alters the life of human beings. Indulging in spirituality as contained in 700 shlokas verses of Bhagavad Gita any human being world over, not necessarily belonging to India or Hinduism can ceremoniously indulge in teachings of […]

What does Hinduism say about physical relationships

Hinduism religion is primarily divided into two parts religious and spiritual. Not much importance is accorded to religious path (indulgence in rituals) for it never leads to god. All Hinduism scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises) primarily dealt with subject of spirituality, the path that directly led to god, self realization, enlightenment.   For both the paths […]

What is the purpose of life according to Hinduism

In Hinduism the purpose of life is primarily governed by the spirit, consciousness existing in our heart as soul atman. The purpose of manifest physical life could be any but the ultimate goal of life for every single human being on mother earth was constant, liberation from cycle of birth and death forever and that too at the earliest.   […]

Hinduism Temple near me

If I were the richest person on earth and had the capability to build the largest Hindu temple in the world, my only query is, would it allow all people entering it to reach abode of God, become self realized god realized. If that cannot be done, why visit a temple at all simply as a ritual.   Hinduism also […]

How Hinduism views Human Beings

As per Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita and also Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises), it was only in human form the soul atman within could reach cosmic end of life.   Human form is the highest manifest stage on mother earth in cosmic life cycle. The maximum human beings could evolve was becoming an enlightened one like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha and […]