What is the role of goddesses in Hinduism

Hinduism accords the feminine form highest stature possible on mother earth. Culturally that may not be the case as ladies are persecuted all over India, normally perceived as the weaker form.


Hinduism scriptures believe that in absence of life supporting planets like mother earth life could not have been possible in the world. For souls atmans to evolve existence of life supporting planets was an absolute must. Ever since occurrence of big bang and formation of solar systems like sun souls atmans still could not evolve, manifest a body. It was only when mother earth formed souls atmans manifested life on mother earth for the first time.


For this very reason Hinduism scriptures accord status of mother to planet Earth. And accordingly all women folk on mother earth are considered representatives of mother earth, the cosmic mother. In absence of women folk even on mother earth progeny was not possible. For life to sustain, survive the importance of women can never be denied.


To glorify feminine form, in Hinduism scriptures more importance is accorded to goddesses than gods. The form of goddess Kali, Durga and various other goddesses speaks for themselves.


In reality no goddess exists. Prayers to goddesses were meant to provide leverage to women folk over men. In absence of goddesses in Hinduism, in real life women would have been deprived even of the basic necessities. To keep women at par with men, different forms of goddesses were created in Hinduism scriptures.


Spirituality accords highest respect to feminine gender for the very reason that they are instrumental in handling all affairs of the family at home when the men are busy at work. Men who did not respect women could never realize self, realize god in their lifetime.


Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita also accords highest status to women compared to men.


For mankind to travel spiritual path successfully, we must revere mother earth and all women folk world over in highest esteem. Only then liberation from cycle of birth and death is possible.


The example of Siddhartha Gautama speaks for itself. Just by touching feet of wife and child one could not absolve self of karma. Karma can be burnt in totality by logical means never unilaterally.


When Sage Yajnavalkya wanted to leave confines of home forever he asked his two wives to distribute the entire wealth equally amongst them. Maitreyi who was not only intelligent spiritually wanted to pursue path of Brahma jnana and reach stage of enlightenment but Sage Yajnavalkya was not agreeable. Then Maitreyi played a trick.


She pointedly asked Sage Yajnavalkya whether after getting half the wealth she would gain Brahma jnana. When Sage Yajnavalkya said no, she said she only wanted Brahma jnana nothing more. She requested Sage Yajnavalkya to give entire wealth to other wife who was only interested in material wealth. And this was how Maitreyi finally accompanied Sage Yajnavalkya to the jungles (forests) and succeeded in gaining Brahma jnana from Sage Yajnavalkya.


In the entire history of mankind only two ladies till date succeeded in reaching state of enlightenment and Maitreyi, the devoted wife of Sage Yajnavalkya was one of them.


Here we shall notice that of his own accord Sage Yajnavalkya unilaterally did not abandon Maitreyi to her fate. He logically discussed everything with her and in the game of dialogues Maitreyi finally won.


Likewise Sage Yajnavalkya all seekers, spiritual travelers accorded highest status to women folk. Siddhartha Gautama by abandoning his wife midway suffered badly on this account. So much so that he succeeded in reaching state of enlightenment only in the end stages of life, 80 years of age. In the 81st year Gautama Buddha left his mortal frame.


Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita accords highest respect to women folk and this is reflected in the worship, prayers accorded to various goddesses in Hinduism.


From spirituality point of view we must treat all women folk as representatives of mother earth.

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