Kalki Avatar

After Kalki incarnates will the whole world follow Hinduism 1

After advent of Kalki in full form he would instantly developed a dedicated following of above 2000 million people worldwide. Another 1000 million people would follow him though not blindly.   Such would be the efficacy of truth administered by Kalki avatar that the coming 200 years beyond 2025 will be period of golden rule, the awaited Satyuga. The annihilator […]

How many Kalki Avatars do we think exist in India today

Couple of years before when I searched for Kalki avatars existing in India, Google search gave a reading of 323 people. Now the reading has reduced to just a limited few.   Is Kalki avatar a status that can be announced by many worldwide? The strength of Kalki avatar would be recognized by masses world over. Declaring self as Kalki […]

Will the entire world be destroyed by Kalki Avatar

To re-establish Dharma (righteousness) and root out evil forces of adharma (lawlessness), Kalki avatar could go to any extent world over. Kalki avatar is not a harbinger of destruction. On the other hand Kalki avatar is a messiah of peace and harmony world over.   If the world has degraded to a point of no return, whose fault it is, […]

Will Kalki Avatar of Vishnu be more popular than Rama or Krishna

How many people in present times have seen Rama or Krishna? None, it seems! We have all read and heard about Rama and Krishna from elders in the family or sacred texts.   But Kalki avatar, the messiah of present times would appear in person not more than a decade from now. Witnessing almost a supernatural phenomenon would be beyond […]

Are Antichrist and Kalki Avatar the same

Antichrist has been described in Christianity as one who shall fail to recognize the close relationship Jesus enjoyed with God, the father and son relationship. One who does not believe in Jesus Christ and his stated doctrines will be termed Antichrist.   Kalki avatar the savior, messiah of present times (God manifest in human form) as per Hinduism scriptures shall […]

What is the role of Adi Shesha during times of Kalki Avatar

Spiritually, allegorically Adi Shesha represents the ever existing kundalini shakti, the most powerful of all energies made available to mankind by grace of God Almighty. It is this kundalini shakti that makes a human being, an ordinary mortal reach the status of a man God like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha even Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. In absence of kundalini awakening […]

Will the Kalki Avatar know why he was born and he was the Avatar of God

Yes, flashes intuition keep coming to a truthful seeker of God from the very beginning. Premonition is never ruled out. An avatar in the early stages of life is without any ego. Due to this one can distinctly hear promptings of Lord Krishna coming from within our heart.   Allegorically Lord Krishna is the soul atman, spirit existing in our […]

Who will Kalki the tenth Avatar of Vishnu kill

A savior messiah, avatar is not about killing anybody but spreading message of peace world over. Some may say this could be accomplished by an enlightened one like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. Yes, spreading message of peace is within purview of enlightened ones but what about re-establishing dharma (righteousness) against all odds. This feat can […]

In what year does Kali Yuga end

The end of Kali Yuga is finally in sight. A few years more to go when mankind witnesses world war 3, a man-made tragedy having disastrous outcome! Between 2022 and 2025 is predicted the coming world war 3 in which lives of above 1200 million people are expected to extinguish forever.   A calamity of this magnitude is unimaginable, inconceivable […]

What kind of destruction will Kalki Avatar of Vishnu bring

Kalki avatar would not be a harbinger of destruction but total peace world over. Mankind equated Kalki avatar with destruction as advent of an avatar is always preceded by a war of Mahabharata magnitude. This does not mean Kalki avatar would precipitate a war. The battle of Dharma (righteousness) is inevitable. When the society reaches a point of no return […]

Will the entire world be destroyed by the Kalki Avatar

Kalki avatar had nothing to do with world destruction. If the entire world was to get destroyed, it would never be doing of Kalki avatar. An avatar is always a messenger of peace.   The destruction of entire world is not a possibility in near future or many millennia henceforth.   But coming of an avatar always rings bells for […]

Are the Antichrist and Kalki the same

With the advent of Kalki Avatar everything depicted wrongly in the scriptures of different religions of the world would be laid bare. So much so that fallacies practiced by the Vatican would be revealed to mankind, prime reason why Christianity terms Kalki avatar as Antichrist.   None in this world would be able to ever challenge the judicious rulings of […]

Why does Lord Kalki come on horse with Sword to kill wicked people

Depiction of Lord Kalki on a white horse with a sword in hand allegorically means that Kalki Avatar would be one without precedent except Lord Krishna. The white horse symbolizes truthfulness which shall be the main strength of Kalki avatar. A follower of truth from beginning of life, Kalki avatar would rule the world with ruthlessness unprecedented.   Advent of […]

Who will be the Guru of Kalki Avatar

The last person who succeeded in reaching state of enlightenment on mother earth was Ramana Maharshi. Now we are in 2018. It is just not possible for Kalki Avatar to have a live guru like Maharshi Ramana. In present times learned spiritual gurus are difficult to come by.   The guru of Kalki avatar has to be his soul atman, […]

What do you know about Kalki Avatar

Let me give an example, if a person new Lord Krishna in person how would it be of help to him or Lord Krishna! Simply knowing Kalki Avatar does not mean anything, in a world dominated by bloated egos. The essence of spiritual life laid in the fact that, were we willing to follow path dictated by Kalki Avatar. Are […]

In Hinduism is Kalki Avatar coming for the benefit of all humanity or just Hindus

In Hinduism the stature of an avatar is not bonded by an individual country or geographical boundaries. Kalki Avatar would be much above that, a crusader of truth whose only goal of life would be re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) on mother earth despite all odds.   Representing truth but only truth, this lone crusader of truth would be mounted with jnana […]

Where will Kalki Avatar be born

Kalki Avatar has already taken birth long back in northern India. Kalki Avatar also belongs to Indian peninsula surrounded on three sides with water. We are shortly reaching a point of no return when Kalki avatar surfaces. Re-establish Dharma (righteousness) is the only goal of life for Kalki Avatar. It is a different matter that in times of Kalki Avatar […]

What would be India Bharat Hindustan with Kalki Avatar

No sooner Kalki Avatar manifests India will become greater India, a unified India with all countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Maldives becoming part of greater India. The combined strength of India would be above 1600 million people. All countries would unite with India unilaterally without any external pressure.   This unification of […]

Who will be the mentor of Lord Kalki Avatar 2

The mentor of Kalki Avatar in previous manifestation was Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. At that time even though Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa insisted Swami Vivekananda did not agree to reach state of enlightenment, god realization, self realization followed by moksha salvation. That was the period between 1863 and 1902.   In present manifestation Swami Vivekananda would not only reach state of self […]

How to recognize Kalki Avatar

It is not within capability of people pursuing material goals of life to assess what Kalki Avatar is all about. To recognize Kalki Avatar is totally out of question, masses could never do that.   This lonely crusader of truth understands all but shall remain aloof from society for long. Kalki Avatar would surface only at the opportune moment, not […]

How long until Kalki Avatar is born

Kalki Avatar already exists on mother earth in India but would surface only at the opportune moment. The advent of an avatar is always for a very specific reason, re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) against all odds.   Well above 50 years of age this one-man army Kalki Avatar is loaded with jnana wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises) […]

Can Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu be a woman 1

As ordained by God the maximum a woman could go on mother earth is reach state of enlightenment followed by moksha salvation. This feat in the entire history of mankind was achieved by two women philosopher Sage Gargi and Maitreyi, the second dutiful wife of Sage Yajnavalkya (composer and compiler of most voluminous Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).   A woman could never […]

After Kalki Avatar incarnation will the whole world be Hindus

After advent of Kalki Avatar the geographical position of Indian peninsula is going to change. India will become greater India. Even the name of the country would change back to Bharatvarsha. The greater India would include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. The combined population would exceed 1600 million people.   The aftermath of world […]

Who are the friends and enemies of Kalki Avatar

The world presently is full of so-called innocents, called akarmanya in Hinduism that they easily let extremist forces into their resilient peaceful societies. The entire Europe is turning into a cauldron of extremism. Only a handful of immigrants with extremist tendencies are the rotten apple in the basket that will prove nemesis for entire Europe. Everyone shall suffer but still […]

In which year will Kalki Avatar arrive

Based on residual balance of mass karma of entire humanity as of today it can be safely assessed that Kalki Avatar would surface anywhere between 2022 and 2025. The advent of Kalki Avatar would be directly based on occurrence of world war 3. No sooner it starts, Kalki Avatar would surface immediately.   Even in Dwapar Yuga Lord Krishna advent […]

When is Kalki Avatar final incarnation of Lord Vishnu expected to arrive on earth 1

Kalki Avatar already exists amongst us but would surface only at the opportune moment. Kalki Avatar would not be something special or alien. But the truthfulness practiced by him would be absolute 100%. Furthermore powered by jnana wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises) Kalki Avatar would finally succeed in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) against evil forces of adharma […]

When will kalki Avatar come to India

A commoner, one from masses from India would don the mantle of Kalki Avatar. An avatar could only come from India from where flows the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises). There was nothing more pure world over than teachings of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, prime reason why oaths in Indian courts is taken on Bhagavad […]

Is the Kalki Avatar a reality or a myth

To end the era of Kali Yuga, Demon Kali advent of Kalki Avatar is an absolute must. Only the timeline of Kalki Avatar is based on many factors. He could advent a few years from now or about a decade later. The most likelihood of his appearance is between 2022 and 2025.   To annihilate dark forces of nature, to […]

Where will Kalki Avatar find his mighty white horse Devadatta

The white horse Devadatta of Kalki Avatar allegorically symbolizes truthfulness that would be practiced by Kalki Avatar. It is riding a wave of 100% truthfulness a mortal amongst us would don the mettle of Kalki Avatar.   Kalki Avatar would not be any different from us except power of truth exercised by him. Furthermore Kalki Avatar would display resilience, patience, […]