Does Kundalini power go down after raising it

Once awakened, kundalini power can never be lost. Kundalini activation is like a growing bud. Once a bud blooms into a flower, it could never be reverted back to a bud again.


After indulging in spirituality, to whatever level our kundalini is raised it remains there. All advancements in field of spirituality can never be reverted back.


This happens because intermittent kundalini awakening results in opening of dormant lying portions of our brain. Once activated the dormant portions of our brain remained energized forever. Spiritual gains always are permanent. Even after death of present body nothing is lost in transition. We can start from the very same level in next manifestation by our soul atman.


As far as I have understood people in India presently feared indulging in spirituality for the very reason that they could not make it to the end, state of enlightenment! My only submission is, if we could not start indulgence in spirituality in present life time, what is the guarantee we shall do it in next life, the new form manifested by our soul atman.


As a human being, the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle we should stop befooling ourselves. Something we could not accomplish in present life time, we want to postpone it to next manifestation. Whatever little spiritual progress in present life time is immaterial but we should attempt the same. Why keep rotating endlessly in cycles of birth and death?


When around nine years of age I finally decided to quit rotating in endless cycles of birth and death! Do not know what overcame me, I just decided to reach end of cosmic life, 8.4 millionth manifestation, last in cosmic life cycle. Since then it was never looking back.


It was only in the wee hours of third of August 1993, 37 years of age when God Almighty game me Sakshat Darshan, I realized my kundalini had awakened fully absolutely unknown to me. While indulging in spirituality intermittently I experienced bouts of total ecstasy bliss but did not know what it was or that it resulted from kundalini awakening.


I am truly blessed by god for reaching stage of self realization, god realization in my lifetime.

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