What happens to Kundalini after Enlightenment

For going to Mount Everest there were two means, either I followed the steep mountaineering climb and if possible and atmospheric conditions permit could also air drop. What after the airdrop, what happens to the aircraft that left me atop the highest mountain on earth.


For a human being, wanting to reach Mount Everest the purpose lay in reaching the top and not the means.


Kundalini awakening is the means to reach state of liberation from cycle of birth and death forever. One finally reaches self, reaches god after full kundalini awakening.


After reaching state of enlightenment, the purpose of kundalini awakening is over. Once our brain activates 100%, there was nothing more kundalini could do. A kundalini awakened person finally merges with god.


It is simply like a tornado connecting earth to clouds above. The earth below is the human being, the seeker and clouds above God Almighty himself, Brahman in Hinduism.


A kundalini awakened person finally becomes knower of all, gains omniscience forever. Connecting to path of Shruti jnana a kundalini awakened person can draw all jnana wisdom contained in cosmos at any given moment of life. One need not indulge in written material.


It is as if to say, if every single copy of scriptures of all religions of world gets destroyed, an enlightened one can produce them all over again. An enlightened one, a kundalini awakened person becomes a direct link between mankind and god.

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