Can Kundalini cause Migraines

Yes kundalini awakening causes severe migraines and headaches much beyond expectations. The reason being before we indulged in activation of kundalini energy we used our brain 1 to 2% and the remaining always lying dormant. With activation of kundalini the dormant lying portions of our brain start activating. This results in severe headaches and migraines.


If our practice of spirituality was correct and unidirectional, these headaches and migraines would subsequently subside. The result a totally new level of consciousness awaits us. We have elevated ourselves to a new super consciousness level. We are not only away from within, many Tantric powers creep into us of their own. After the headaches and migraine subside we always experienced a state of ecstasy, total bliss all the time.


As our brain activated from 1 to 2% to 3 to 5%, our sphere of mental activity increased manifold. It was as if we had become 11 from one. Whatever works 11 people could collectively do, now we were able to do it all alone. It was as if God was sitting side by side helping us all the time. These experiences of kundalini awakening were mind blowing, something that could never be expressed in words only experienced in a totally state of bliss.


Can Kundalini cause Anxiety

Kundalini awakening also causes anxiety as we are stepping into domain of unknown. Everything spiritual always was entering an uncharted territory. Sometimes fear gripped us although nothing went wrong. Stepping into domain of God Almighty step-by-step sometimes seemed risky, also was frightening. But if we possessed willpower exhibited by Swami Vivekananda and also had 100% faith in God, we never feared anything.


Travelling a journey into the unknown should not be fearful for serious travelers of spiritual path. Reason being, everything spiritual was connected with God Almighty. How could we expect something bad from God? It is a different matter that on path of pure spirituality God always tested us again and again. It is at these times we sometimes suffered, experienced fear also anxiety. But in the end everything cooled down.


Can Kundalini make you tired

Kundalini awakening not only makes us tired but dead tired. Reason being when dormant lying portions of brain gradually opened, we felt extremely tired out of this world. Such heavy mental activity could not be borne by the frail human body. I distinctly remember sleeping for 12 to 16 hours in a stretch when undergoing heavy mental activity. As everything was normal I never feared anything ever. My faith in God Almighty from six years of age was absolute 100%.


If something went wrong I always used to talk to God, telling him in polite words that I was not born unto myself, this body belongs to you and so does my soul atman. If anything suffers it is you, not me. Everything belongs to you not be. If anything suffers it also has to be you. With this interaction with God everything slowly cooled down and my tiredness vanished subsequently.


Whenever due to kundalini awakening dormant portions of our brain got activated we always felt very tired. This was absolutely normal. If we felt sleepy we must immediately go to bed and have a nice sleep never losing faith in god ever. It was the moments when we got up we were in a totally state of ecstasy, bliss beyond expression. Every single bout of kundalini energy gives a new impetus to our spiritual journey in life.


Kundalini burnout can it ever happen

Under no circumstances kundalini activation, kundalini awakening can cause a total burnout. For some hours we can feel extremely drowsy, sleepy but never a complete burnout. The activation of dormant lying portions of brain increases our mental activity manifold. This increases pressure on physical body which at times succumbs unable to sustain extreme mental energy. But all this was temporary. In a short period we recouped all our energies.


Every single bout of kundalini energy resulted in our scaling new frontiers on consciousness level. All these experiences were absolutely personal beyond expression of words. As the spiritual travail proceeded ahead, we were more and more inclined to gain more and more. More the activation of kundalini, greater the opening of dormant lying portions of brain. More we felt nearer to God each and every time.


Does Kundalini yoga make you crazy

Not kundalini yoga but activation of kundalini not only makes us crazy but also go round and round. We are unable to comprehend the vastness of spiritual empire created by God. As we could not communicate with anybody world over, we would sometimes feel crazy. As all spiritual experiences were limited to individual self, we just could not interact with others at the same the spiritual level. Spiritual experiences of all would always be different.


When human beings indulged in practicing absolute celibacy for a period of 12 years in continuation, it is kundalini awakening, activation that happened all the time. For full activation of brain 100%, practice of absolute celibacy for a period of 12 years in continuation was an absolute must. Not a single lapse is permitted. Sage Vishwamitra a highly accomplished sage of his era on sighting a maiden woman taking bath in forlorn circumstances in deep dense jungles (forests) fell from grace, he had to repeat practice of absolute celibacy all over again.


Full activation of kundalini, full activation of brain demands total isolation of the individual seeker. 12 years of inner spiritual journey in isolation is what absolute celibacy all about. Only then one reaches stage of enlightenment, becomes an enlightened one forever.


Spiritually speaking if we felt crazy at times why should we care when God Almighty was there to take care of us. God truly loves those who come after him with 100% sincerity, the same seriousness exhibited by Swami Vivekananda.


Can Kundalini make you sick

Yes kundalini awakening can sometimes make us feel sick because we at times feel abandoned by God. None to guide us in this journey of unknown, we sometimes become sick but not physically. All experiences on path of kundalini awakening were mental, not much related to the physical body. Only when the physical body is unable to bear the pressure of heavy mental activity in brain, it sometimes falls sick. With time we recoiled back but with renewed vigor and strength.


Journey of spiritual awakening, kundalini awakening was a very pleasant journey for those who always possessed 100% faith in God and also existence of souls atmans. Seekers who practiced 100% truthfulness all the time need not fear anything on path of kundalini awakening ever.


Something that is ordained by God to be activated in a time span of 1.1 million manifestations in human form, activating the same in a limited time span of 70 to 80 years of earthly life is nothing short of a miracle. If we believed in God then why not plunge self into the journey of unknown?

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