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If you are searching for a blog containing self realization articles then visit wherein you shall find articles written by Vijay Kumar man who realized God in 1993.


The best way to reach articles of your choice is posting your query in the search column and pressing search. All articles relating to the subject of your choice would be listed. You can go through them, read them again and again until the hidden underlying meaning becomes clear. Still if you have a query post it in the comment section only (never in contact us form).


Sooner the reply would be posted by Vijay Kumar online. After reading the answer if the query still persists then post a new query in the comment section. This interactive session with Vijay Kumar would prove beneficial in the long run as Vijay Kumar is always available 24 x 7 x 365.


Furthermore, if you have a set of new queries of which you need specific answers then list them in the contact us section. All intelligent queries would be converted into question-and-answer sessions and put online not only for your own benefit but also benefit of masses. Only if you say so, your name and other data would be displayed but never without your specific permission.


One can interact with Vijay Kumar online to any extent, there never was any limitation. Everything from Vijay Kumar comes from the horse’s mouth.


Vijay Kumar started in search of God six years of age. 30 one years of indulgence in spirituality contained in Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises), by grace of God Almighty, Brahman in Hinduism Vijay Kumar had a Sakshatkar with Brahman in the wee hours of third of August 1993 37 years of age. Thereafter it is never looking back.


Having realized self, realized god Vijay Kumar is disseminating the pearls of wisdom gained on path of pure spirituality, on journey toward self realization since 1997 when Internet came to India.

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