Self Realization lessons

The stage of self realization is reached indulging in spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita. And practice of spirituality demands our indulgence in contemplation (chintan) all the time. Practice of contemplation demands absolute silence and nothing is better than confines of home.


Only a very accomplished Yogi can contemplate successfully in busy corners of any market.


Self realization is not something that can ever be understood from lessons. Journey of self realization is an inward journey towards the spirit, consciousness existing in our heart as soul atman. More than any lesson our indulgence in pranayama (breathing exercise) is helpful.


Revered spiritual masters like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharshi Ramana, if they were physically present now could have helped little personally. The most they could do was resolve our queries within. Still contemplation at all stages of spiritual pursuit has to be indulged by us.


Indulgence in contemplation is such thing that no external help is necessitated or solicited. In absence of contemplation, one achieves nothing on spiritual platform. There is also no other shortcut method to indulge in spirituality to reach the state of self realization.


Physical presence of spiritual masters, enlightened souls served no purpose in our journey towards self realization. We as an individual seeker has to cover this journey individually and independent of others! More than anything else we must master art of contemplation (chintan).


Not a single spiritual master can affectively say that one can teach anything relating to self realization. The reason for this is, everything spiritual always come from within of its own indulging in contemplation (chintan). Prime reason why self realization in English is termed enlightenment, we get enlightened from within whenever we indulged in pure spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita.


Duplicating path taken by Maharshi Ramana is extremely helpful in mastering art of self enquiry, Neti (not this, not this) as practiced and preached by Maharshi Ramana. On path of pure spirituality every single human being initially is raw material. Indulging in contemplation we slowly groomed ourselves to scale higher levels of consciousness.


As our indulgence in contemplation, proportional our spiritual achievements! More the indulgence in contemplation, greater the openings in our brain!


Normal human beings used their brain one to 2%, the remaining always lying dormant. Whenever we indulged in contemplation, dormant lying portions of brain activated in stages! The activation of brain is very slow based on our spiritual practice. God Almighty ordained a journey of many manifestations in human form for full activation of brain 100%.


100% activation of brain announces one becoming an enlightened one, a bodhi, a Jina forever.


Any kind of bookish reading does not help us in activation of brain. Dormant lying portions of brain activated only when we indulged in contemplation (chintan), never otherwise. All world-famous scientists like Albert Einstein activated dormant lying portions of brain by logically indulging in contemplation (chintan) all the time. Albert Einstein was one scientist who used his brain 2 to 4%.


If we are serious about spirituality, journey of self realization we must never look forward to external lessons that served little purpose. Instead concentrate on inner journey, indulgence in contemplation.

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