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In the field of self realization what could be more beneficial than landing at doors of Vijay Kumar man who realized God in 1993 37 years of age.


Managing trustee of World Wide Centre for Self Realization, Vijay Kumar invites every seeker, traveler of spiritual path to visit his blog online.


Whatever our spiritual query relating to self realization, by punching the same in the search column and pressing search, a list of all related articles would be presented!


I suggest going through most of the articles relating to self realization and spirituality. One has to indulge in contemplation to reach the hidden underlying meaning. Reading them again and again and contemplating one can truly reach the inner depth of the article.


Still if any query persists then it can be posted in the comment section of the article. Prompt action would be taken on the query by Vijay Kumar. This interactive session may prove beneficial as one can continue as long as one desires. As long as Vijay Kumar keeps getting intelligent comments, the replies would forthwith follow.


If some new queries not relating to the articles exist, they can be listed in the contact us section. Vijay Kumar shall convert them into question and answer sessions and post them online for the benefit of individual self and also mass humanity. Queries on all topics relating to spirituality, self realization, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises) are welcome.


To dissolve queries within, the need for indulgence in contemplation is an absolute must. We must never hesitate indulging in contemplation (chintan) as we can do it without others knowing it. Contemplation is an inner journey in which a question-and-answer session with our soul atman, God Almighty occurs all the time.


Maharshi Ramana was an open advocate of practice of silence. It is in those silent moments Maharshi Ramana indulged in serious contemplation (chintan) on an individual level. No external media is required to indulge in contemplation. We can do it all alone any given moment of life.

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