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If you are searching for self realization website containing potential self realization articles then visit


All the articles on are by Vijay Kumar man who realized God in 1993 37 years of age. The best way to indulge in the website is typing your query in the search section and pressing search. You shall reach a comprehensive list of articles related to your search.


Go through the articles that interest you, read them again and again to reach the hidden underlying meaning. Still if you have questions to ask post them in the comment section of the article only (never in the contact us section).


Sooner an answer to your query would be posted online. This interactive session can continue as long as queries within you remained. The interactive session of questions and answers online would not only help you personally but also others interested in self realization.


Apart from the query related to an article if you have another set of queries that you desire answered by Vijay Kumar then list them in the contact us section. Vijay Kumar shall convert all intelligent queries into interactive question-and-answer sessions. Your personal details like name etc. shall be published only if you so desire after your express permission.


Do not hesitate to post any set of queries relating to any spiritual subject in the contact us section. The answers would be prompt as Vijay Kumar is always available 24 x 7 x 365.

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