Self Realization while high

Something as pure as spirituality, how can we even think of achieving something on spiritual platform when high. Those who mixed the two were not competent to indulge in spirituality at all. A traveler of spiritual path, one whose goal of life is reaching state of self realization always practices 100% truthfulness apart from having 100% faith in God and world of souls’ atmans.


If we did not believe in God or the world of souls’ atmans then field of spirituality is not for us.


We can fool others but what of the spirit existing in us in our heart as our soul atman! Primarily it is this spirit that manifested present human form. This spirit, our soul atman is the actual master and controller of human body. If we desire reaching stage of self realization then we have to abide by the wishes of soul atman within.


Spiritual journey, journey towards self realization directly relates to mental processes occurring in our brain. Without smoking weed we sometimes reached such levels that it was tranquillity, total bliss harmony all around, something that could never be achieved by drinking or smoking. Spiritual experiences sometimes landed us on much higher neural platforms than expected.


In those moments we could establish direct communion with God Almighty on one-to-one basis. Such experiences were beyond description, could never be reproduced in writing. Spiritual experiences varied from person to person. To reach those high levels on path of spirituality we have to indulge in spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita.


Maintaining equipoise was an absolute necessity while indulging in spirituality. A spiritual traveler always perceived the underlying relationship between all forms of life. Not only human life but also lower forms of life became sacrosanct. After all were on their journey of evolution and so was ordained by God. We ourselves as a soul atman started cosmic journey from stage of amoeba, then evolving into insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the human form!


Pure spirituality demands that we always remained untouched, unaffected by physical intoxications of any kind.


It is primarily love for God that should intoxicate us and not weed an external medium.

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