Self Realized masters

Self realized masters do not exist in present time. The last self realized master to tread on mother earth was Maharshi Ramana who left his mortal frame in 1950. The next self realized master would be Kalki avatar himself (God manifest in human form), the awaited savior messiah of present times.


Self realized masters who ever tread on mother earth are Mahavira, Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. In the same series in mediaeval times many like Eknath, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Dnyaneshwar Tukaram and Namdev etc succeeded in reaching state of self realization.


Adi Shankaracharya was a self realized master and so are Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharshi Ramana. In Hinduism hundreds of self realized masters’ advent from time to time.


Self realized simply means a seeker, traveler of spiritual path finally reaching his true inner self, the spirit existing in his heart as soul atman. Realizing our true identity as a soul atman is the crux of self realization. Removing dross impurities within when a seeker as a soul atman reaches state of absolute purity, one is called a self realized master.


The whole essence of spiritual journey lay in removing dross impurities within. This we accomplished demolishing our ego in totality. Only then we could overpower five senses and mind. The moment we dissolved our ego, we could distinctly hear promptings of Lord Krishna coming from within our heart. Spiritually, allegorically Lord Krishna is soul atman existing in heart.


As at any given moment of life only one can prevail, by demolishing our ego we can heed to guidance of Lord Krishna from within.


From six years of age I could distinctly hear promptings of Lord Krishna coming from within my heart. My ego at six years of age was zero. My faith in God Almighty also was 100%. I firmly believed in world of souls atmans. I indulged in truthfulness 100%. All these factors combined together pushed me on a spiritual journey that in the wee hours of third of August 1993 37 years of age I finally realized self, realized God forever.


Looking back in time I can clearly see how important it is to master delicate art of contemplation (chintan). In my 55 years of spiritual travail I have yet to find a person indulging in contemplation (chintan) most of time. The most a human being could indulge with me was seven e-mails on the same subject; it was a student from Singapore. After that even that student quit saying he had nothing further to ask or seek answer to.


Unless the question-and-answer session within us continued all throughout life, we could never reach state of self realization. We can dissolve all queries within only by indulgence in jnana yoga, self enquiry and also Neti as preached and advocated by Maharshi Ramana.


As we had only one life to live, what are we waiting for! We must start our spiritual quest at the earliest possible.

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