Self Realization Quotes

Which is the best method of Self Realization

The one and only method of self-realization is detailed below: 1. To reach state of absolute purity as a soul atman, the spirit within we need demolishing our ego in totality. Only then we could abide by dictates of Lord Krishna coming from within our heart. If the ego was dominating, we failed to hear the sweet small inner voice […]

What is the most important aspect of Self-Realization

There were two very detrimental aspects of self realization: 1. People continued indulging in religious practices (rituals) despite journey of self-realization demanding otherwise. None in this world reaches stage of self realization indulging in religion. Journey towards self-realization demands our indulgence in spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita. And indulgence in Bhagavad Gita is always via contemplation (chintan) as nothing could […]

What are the various methods of Self Realization

There were not many methods of self-realization; in fact right practice of self realization is one and only one. Indulging in Indian spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita when seekers successfully remove dross impurities within, one becomes a pure soul atman forever. The cycle of birth and death for a pure soul atman ceases to exist.   In the west […]

Why did people who tread path of Self-Realization suffer

When we extracted one KG of pure gold from a lump of hundred KG of gold ore what do we do! We initially crushed the entire lump into small pieces then passed it through running water. This removed all the dirt within and hundred KG lump of gold now reduces to 79 KG in all. And what does this mean? […]

What is the goal of life after Self Realization

If we try to understand the meaning of self realization, the present query would not exist. We reached self-realization only after cutting all earthly bondages forever. So much so that we even liberated self from cycle of birth and death gaining moksha salvation at the end of journey   Self realization in English stood for state of enlightenment, the stage […]

Is Self Realization Enlightenment

Self realization in Hinduism and enlightenment in English meant the same. Both stages meant human beings reaching God in their lifetime. Reaching God means in absence of dross impurities within, the soul atman existing in our heart reaches state of absolute purity. This pure soul atman finally liberates itself from cycle of birth and death.   Realization of self means […]

What is the process of Self-Realization in Kali Yuga

In present Kali Yuga state of self realization can be reached when we followed path of jnana yoga (absolute wisdom), the spirituality contained in Bhagavad Gita.   Self realization in present Kali Yuga cannot be reached via path of karma yoga or bhakti yoga alone. To cut darkness of ignorance, wisdom of Bhagavad Gita is necessitated in present times.   […]

How many hours of Meditation needed to attain Self Realization

Journey towards self realization is an inward journey conducted via contemplation (chintan) towards our soul atman, spirit existing in our heart.   I started in search of God six years of age. By 37 years of age I finally succeeded in reaching God. A time period of 31 years multiplied by an average 10 hours of contemplation every single day […]

At which stage in Meditation do we start Realizing our true Self

Even after gaining enlightenment, even after reaching state of self realization one never gets to know what one has achieved. The symptoms are nowhere expressed in any literature. Every single journey by individual human being towards God would be different.   In the wee hours of third of August 1993 when I had a direct Sakshatkar with God Almighty on […]

What are some good books on Self Realization

Can we climb Mount Everest just by reading books? To climb a mountain and that too the highest mountain in the world we need to be proficient in mountaineering. Similarly to indulge in spirituality to reach state of self realization we have to master the delicate art of contemplation (chintan) so that we could continue with our inner journey all […]

Does Karma affect Self Realized people

What happens when a block of silver is left in the open! After some time it develops a black coating. Even though the entire block is pure silver but on the outside is the dirt. Similar is the case of a self realized person. Once a human being reaches state of self realization, it remains permanent forever.   But due […]

Is Self Realization attainment of God

Self realization, god realization, enlightenment liberation from cycle of birth and death all meant the same. When we realize our true nature, reach our soul atman existing in heart it is called self realization. As souls atmans were God Almighty in miniscule form and having the same essence, self realization is also called god realization.   When a person realizes […]

Is knowledge of Vedas essential for attaining Self Realization

In earlier era in the erstwhile Bharatvarsha (now India) highly evolved Sages and Rishis indulged in Vedas to reach cosmic end of life, the state of self realization, god realization. Until that time the human brain had not yet fully evolved. The jnana wisdom contained in Vedas was limited to sages and Rishis, even scholars finding it difficult to decipher. […]

At what age you first time started with Self Realization

I started on path of self realization six years of age. When I was around five years of age I succumb to typhoid fever. The doctors tried their best and bade me goodbye. They said if I survived next 24 hours then I would be okay. My mother must have truly loved me for the next 24 hours I was […]

Did Arjuna attain Self Realization after hearing Bhagavad Gita from Lord Krishna

Everything contained in Bhagavad Gita is allegorical. Arjuna was a spiritual traveler from beginning of life. In the midst of battle of Mahabharata while contemplating on vital issues of battle he suddenly reached stage of self realization, god realization. This happened because he gave more preference to voice of Lord Krishna coming from within than his own ego.   Lord […]

Why there are only few Self Realized women compared to men

In the spiritual journey towards self realization we have to let go all worldly attachments forever. This includes all earthly relationships including that of parents, brothers and sisters, close relatives and friends. For a true seeker, traveler of spiritual path the whole world becomes one large family.   Furthermore all women are imbibed with Moha (extreme emotional attachment) that was […]

Is there any Self Realized person in India

How many self realized persons we want in India? One two four or more than hundred! Since 6 1/2 years of age I was in search of a spiritual master who could clarify my queries within. No matter how best I tried I could not get one. My father being a scientist of international repute, sometimes I accompanied him on […]

Is there any age limit for Self Realization

For a human being to reach state of self realization we have to start early in life. God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form before human beings realized self but if we wanted to complete journey of self realization in present life time we have to not only indulge whole time but wholeheartedly.   […]

Why and how did you tread on path of Self-Realization

Around six years of age I developed a deep rooted desire to see and meet God in this very life. Not knowing what God was all about, I kept thinking of God all the time. When I was in class one I was taught honesty is the best policy and one must always remain truthful. I concentrated over the truthfulness […]

How important is Self Realization

As important as climbing Mount Everest for a mountaineer! Self realization announces end of cosmic journey for not only human form but spirit, consciousness existing in our heart as our soul atman. The ultimate cosmic goal of life for all human beings on mother earth as ordained by god is reaching state of self realization. This is an irreversible journey […]

Self Realization and Bhagavad Gita the underlying relationship

Self realization is a state reached by seekers in search of god when in absence of dross impurities within, a soul atman reaches state of absolute purity.   A pure soul atman in absence of dross impurities within need not manifest a human body again ending the cycle of birth and death forever. Karma having negated to zero the need […]

Self Realization and Maharshi Ramana

Ramana Maharshi was the biggest exponent of path of self realization of his times. From the very beginning Maharshi Ramana indulged in jnana yoga (path of absolute wisdom) to reach God in his lifetime. He was also a great proponent of silence for he knew self enquiry could be conducted only by becoming an introvert of the highest order.   […]

Self Realization without Guru is it possible

For travelling spiritual path successfully a guru was never necessitated. Yes if a spiritual master of the level of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Maharshi Ramana is available, then one can seek answers to queries within. The most a spiritual master, preceptor can do was clarify our queries.   This is the biggest irony of mankind that seekers, travelers of spiritual […]

The Essence of Self-Realization

The most important aspect of self-realization lay in our understanding that besides the manifest physical form existed, a world of spirits, souls’ atmans essence of which could be understood only by indulging in spirituality per se Bhagavad Gita.   If we believe the physical manifest body was the end, nothing relating to self realization could be understood by us. If […]

What is Self-Realization

Realization of the self, the doctrine is best understood when we believed in existence of god, existence of world of souls’ atmans, belief in doctrine of reincarnation rebirth and most important of all the belief that we are primarily a spiritual being on its cosmic journey and not the manifest physical human form as we commonly believed.   Our belief […]

What is the difference between Self-Realization and Enlightenment

Hinduism scriptures equate state of self realization with enlightenment. Practically both mean the same. Indulging in spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita when human beings succeed negating karma to zero, one reaches the state of self realization forever. Enlightenment also means liberating self from cycle of birth and death forever. In absence of dross impurities within when a soul atman achieves […]

What are the Signs of reaching state of Self-Realization

After establishing absolute control over five senses and mind seekers finally succeed negating karma to zero. This is the state of self realization when in absence of dross impurities within a soul atman gains absolute purity forever.   After reaching stage of self-realization one becomes aware of the following realizations: 1. One becomes knower of all forever. Everything contained in […]

What is the difference between Self-Actualization and Self-Realization

Self actualization has its roots in psychology, a theory propagated by American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow. As per Maslow self actualization is realizing our true potential as a human being. Realizing our potential to the fullest, fulfilling all aspirations within makes a man complete was the assumption of Maslow.   This is one side of the story. The true potential […]

What is the difference between Self-Awareness and Self-Realization

Self awareness relates to manifest physical body whereas self realization to existence of inner self we called soul atman seemingly resident in our heart. Self realization relates to path of spirituality.   The cognitive ability of individuals to realize, identify self as a separate entity distinct from others is called self awareness. As an independent entity we could all the […]

What is the fastest way to Self-Realization

On path of pure spirituality there was never a shortcut. Still, anyone desirous of expediting spiritual journey towards self-realization needs practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation. We must never forget, not a single lapse is permitted.   We must also know the difference between practicing celibacy and practice of absolute celibacy.   Celibacy (abstention […]