Role of Spirituality in mental health recovery

Spirituality plays a major role in maintaining perfect mental health. And why would that be?


Spirituality stems from the root word spirit that existed in all living beings as our Prana, a cluster of cosmic energy we called soul atman. Even human beings possessed it.


By indulging in spirituality we were only expediting the cosmic journey of soul atman within. We must bear in mind that human form is just a medium for soul atman to cleanse itself of dross impurities within. Ever since all souls atmans separated from their source Brahman, God Almighty there desire merging with God Almighty again at the earliest.


When human beings indulged in religious practices (rituals), the progress of soul atman on its cosmic journey was nil. But when human beings indulging in spirituality demolished their ego to eventually overpower five senses and mind, the journey of spirit within expedited manifold!


To regain its lost original pure prime pristine primordial form a soul atman, the spirit was prepared to do anything but of its own it could not purify itself. It needs a medium, a body to work out its karma. In human form this spirit all the time tried to dictate from within but human beings dominated by a bloated ego failed to hear promptings of soul atman coming from within their heart. Only when we were 100% truthful could we hear voice of soul atman from within.


I have done it all my life. From six years of age I have been guided by voice of spirit coming from within my heart. Guided by voice coming from within I finally cleared my spiritual journey, reaching 8.4 millionth manifestation last in cosmic life cycle.


When indulging in spirituality we have two awaken our kundalini shakti fully but this occurs in stages as chakra after chakra opened. The opening of chakra, intermittent awakening of kundalini results in opening of dormant lying portions of brain. Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2% the rest lying dormant. Kundalini awakening activated dormant portions of brain so much so that one experienced headaches of the highest order. After a period of lull one experiences heightened activity in the consciousness resulting in indescribable stages of ecstasy, bliss.


Our mental activity directly relates to kundalini awakening, path of spirituality. Higher the awakening, finest moments of mental health one experiences while one remained in a state of ecstasy, bliss for days. The mental health of a spiritual traveler is always perfect.


From my personal experience I can say one practically experiences immunity from all diseases by indulging in spirituality. For a period exceeding 20 years I did not experience even a single bout of viral fever because of heightened immunity due to practice of spirituality. So much so that rightful practice of spirituality can eradicate cancer in totality.


A perfect mental health is what spirituality all about. 100% activation of brain means becoming a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed, an enlightened one.


Regarding recovery of mental health there lay a problem. If we could not indulge in contemplation (chintan) we could never indulge in spirituality whatsoever. A person suffering from mental health if can indulge in chintan (contemplation) all sorts of mental ailments can be eradicated in no time.


I have maintained my body in perfect health by indulging in spirituality all the time.

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