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Spirituality unites and Materialism divides

The biggest example that spirituality unites was set by Lord Krishna himself and followed him Mahavira (24th Tirthankara of Jainism, preceptor), Gautama Buddha further followed by Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.   In times of all these enlightened ones irrespective of what religion a seeker followed, masses followed teachings of these enlightened ones. Spirituality is something that relates to our […]

Difference between a Religious person and a Spiritual person

A religious person is one who apart from daily routines of life indulges in prayers, worship to god. A truly sincerely religious person never misses a gathering, congregation on fixed dates and ritually goes to temples, churches or mosques.   A religious person is satisfied praying to god, worshipping god. No matter what hardships in day-to-day life, the prayers and […]

Is there a connection between stress management and Spirituality

In a room that can accommodate a maximum of 20 persons and is open from the top having no roof, what if we start pouring more and more people into the room from the top. It is possible that the room easily accommodates 10 more people making it 30. What if 10 more are dropped from the top? Now the […]

What Spirituality is right for me

Rightly stated from the very beginning of life spirituality was always one and only one, there never were different kinds of spirituality on mother earth.   Once the definition of spirituality becomes clear, we shall realize of our own that there never was more than one type of spirituality on mother earth.   Spirituality primarily stems from the root word […]

Who discovered Spirituality

In Yester era accomplished sages and Rishis deeply immersed in thoughts of God Almighty to reach cosmic truths of life contained within. To contemplate (indulge in chintan) on vital issues of life in isolation these sages and Rishis often went to deep dense forests in Himalayas.   It is then these sages and Rishis discovered that there was more to […]

Why is Spirituality important in the lives of Humans

When comes the time for Janmashtami, Hindus flock in hordes in Hindu temples to pray to, worship Lord Krishna. How many realized that Lord Krishna, the spirit existed within us?   Indulging in worship of Lord Krishna in temples is whimsical, feigning ignorance! Lord Krishna truly existed in our heart as our soul atman, the consciousness within.   Instead of […]

Spirituality can be taught apart from Religion

100% spirituality can be taught apart from religion, so is advocated by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, the foremost of all sacred texts existing on mother earth. There is nothing more pure more sacred than teachings of spirituality contained in Bhagavad Gita. Human beings reached state of enlightenment only when they followed teachings of spirituality contained in Bhagavad Gita in […]

Spirituality why are we here

The answer to the query, why are we here exists in Indian in scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and also Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises).   We as human beings exist due to world of souls atmans, the consciousness existing in our heart. It is this spirit, soul atman within that manifested human form to work out its karma, dissolve dross impurities […]

Can Spirituality be taught

Spirituality can never be taught as everything spiritual always comes from within, the entire A to Z.   Spirituality is taking inner journey towards the spirit, consciousness existing in our heart as our soul atman. Spirituality is trying to merge with the source God Almighty, Brahman in Hinduism from where it emanated.   Ever since souls’ atmans separated from Brahman, […]

Define Spirituality vs Materialism

As far as human beings are concerned there were two aspects to life, the materialistic or the spiritual approach! We can choose follow one that suits our appetite, our inherent thinking. Neither in materialistic or spiritual world should anything be enforced on an individual by parents or elders in the family. Following anything forcibly never bore desired results.   It […]

Spirituality book stores near me

Rightly stated a spirituality bookstore simply could not exist. When the correct definition of spirituality eluded most, how could one make a book store for spirituality! Even if one makes a bookstore relating to spirituality, how many buyers would be there!   In the last about 150 years amongst 7000 million people existing world over only two spiritual stalwarts successfully […]

Spirituality what is creativity

Spiritually true creativity is growing from within. Indulging in books when students ran after marks, good grading and not wisdom, we were not growing from within.   One who comes first in the class is a student who always indulges in the subject deep within. Externally indulging in books for the sake of numbers meant nothing.   Class after class […]

How Spirituality affects the Brain

The practice of spirituality directly relates to human brain.   Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2% the remaining always lying dormant. When we indulged in spirituality the dormant lying portions of our brain start activating!   This happens because way of practicing spirituality is via contemplation (chintan) and chintan uses brain power to its full capacity. So […]

How Spirituality is an individual experience

Spirituality is always practiced in isolation, never in company of others. Spirituality can never be taught, it has to be learnt from within indulging in contemplation (chintan).   In yesteryears to indulge in spirituality, contemplate on God sages and Rishis went to deep dense confines of jungles (forests) in the Himalayas. For this very reason Maharshi Ramana advocated practice of […]

What is Spirituality in Religion

Religion primarily is when a flock of human beings with similar ideology collected together to pray to God, worship God. But such religious practices never lead one to God Almighty.   To merge with God, to become one with God our indulgence in spirituality is necessitated. Spirituality is that essence of religion following which human beings left the garb of […]

How Spirituality defines an individuals identity

The word Spirituality itself defines all. As per Spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita we are primarily a spirit, a spiritual traveler on its cosmic life cycle of 8.4 million manifestations. On the earthly plane we all have independent identities related to our parents. Same is the case in spiritual world.¬†Only when we indulged in spirituality did we realize we were […]

Are Faith and Spirituality the same

Faith in God is spelt shraddha in Hinduism. We must possess 100% faith in God to gain success in spiritual life. Similar as one can detect the presence of a flower by its fragrance, we can also detect presence of God in day-to-day affairs of life simply by possessing 100% faith in God.   Those who did not believe in […]

How Spirituality leads to Success

Spirituality directly relates to our thinking, our mental prowess. If we were positive in life, invoked positive thoughts most of time our spiritual journey expedites as invocation of positive thoughts helps overpower five senses and mind early. Positivity also helps one establish total control over ego. When we were spiritual our sphere of working greatly expanded. We could visualize beyond […]

Am i connected to the Spirit World

No we are not connected to the spirit world but we are the spirit ourselves. As a spirit, consciousness within we manifest human form to work out our karma, remove dross impurities within. Of its own no spirit could purify itself and needs a medium, a body to do so.   As per Bhagavad Gita we are primarily a spiritual […]

The relationship between Spirituality and Brain

Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2%, indulgence in spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita results in full activation of brain 100%. One immediately becomes an enlightened one, a bodhi, a Jina… a Mahavira forever.   Spirituality was all about removing the clutter within our thought process, reaching state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (when not a single thought entered […]

Difference between God and Religion

Religion is primarily defined as a set of beliefs and practices jointly exercised by a group of people. Religion can also be summed up as belief in a supernatural power we called God.   Looking at things religiously both the definitions seem okay. But what about God, creator of entire cosmos as defined in spirituality particularly Indian spiritual scriptures, sacred […]