Who will be the mentor of Lord Kalki Avatar 2

The mentor of Kalki Avatar in previous manifestation was Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. At that time even though Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa insisted Swami Vivekananda did not agree to reach state of enlightenment, god realization, self realization followed by moksha salvation. That was the period between 1863 and 1902.


In present manifestation Swami Vivekananda would not only reach state of self realization, god realization but also manifest, don garb of Kalki Avatar. Yes, I am 100% correct that the avatar of Kalki would be Swami Vivekananda of yester years. Mounted with power of truth and only truth, mankind would witness a man-made fury totally unprecedented; ruthlessness not visible anywhere. This lone crusader Kalki Avatar would annihilate 5.5 million people under his charge.


The mentor of Lord Kalki Avatar would be God himself, Brahman in Hinduism. Mounted with power of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads from a very early age this one-man army would finally succeed in re-establishing Dharma against all odds.


With a zero ego and possessing 100% faith in existence of God and world of souls’ atmans, this spiritual traveler of truth would finally succeed cleansing the society of its ills. He would convert the present Kali Yuga, rather usher the present Kali Yuga to Satyuga in no time.


Only the mentality of the people needs changing from material to spiritual. People remaining same their perception will change dramatically, drastically. About 95% people presently engrossed in material pursuits of life would change their go to spiritual journey.


If we can establish control over ego, demolish our ego in totality then Lord Krishna within, our soul atman residing in heart is all the time willing to help us. For one who has Lord Krishna by his side all the time, who can defeat one!


This happened with Arjuna! The entire army of Lord Krishna was with Kauravas yet Pandavas won the battle of Mahabharata. Why? It was only because Pandavas had Lord Krishna with them.


We must never forget on mother earth Lord Krishna represents power of god, the Almighty creator of entire cosmos Brahman himself. Lord Krishna allegorically stands for spirit, soul atman existing in human body. Every soul atman is God Almighty in miniscule form existing in us. Taking dictates from Lord Krishna from within means taking guidance of God himself. What more could a spiritual traveler desire from life?

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2 thoughts on “Who will be the mentor of Lord Kalki Avatar

  • Debojit Kar

    Sir, why am i getting an inkling that kalki avatar of this era is none other than you. According to your articles he is born in north india and he is above 50 years old and the most vital part is his mentor in this manifestation will be god himself just like you. After maharishi ramana he will realise god. You haven’t mentioned in your article that you are third person to realise god in the last 150 years so not to reveal it that avatar is the man called vijay kumar himself. What is your opinion about the biggest anomaly that is puzzling every seeker of spirituality in the world?

    • Vijay Kumar Post author

      What do you want me to say, yes or no! You know the answer. It is in the interest of all that right things happened at the right moment. Life is tough; in the field of spirituality it is better to maintain the silence. Only at the opportune moment shall Kalki Avatar surface.

      When I was six years of age I was told everything by a relative of mine, who happened to look at my hand and thereafter became mum. He said he just could not believe what he was reading on my hand. It was something big, something really big.

      This relative of mine who had come to our house had to catch a train at seven in the morning. Just before going he happened to look at my hand. This all happened in front of my father! After seeing my hand he left for the station. Surprisingly at 6:45 AM he was back from the station. My father surprisingly asked him what happened, if your back you would miss your train. He politely said, that does not matter but what matters is a relook at the hand of Vijay.

      And then whatever he blurted out, I shall not produce it here. It has to be kept secret until the opportune moment. At that young age I did not understand ABCD of it but inherently in the core of my heart I definitely knew that I was born for something big.

      In my last manifestation as Swami Vivekananda I could not do much from 1863 to 1902. Whatever I could not achieve in my last birth, I shall fill all the gaps in present life time.

      From six years of age I have gone by the following quote of Robert Frost, “I have Miles to go before I sleep”, a statement I truly love from the inner core of my heart.

      The biggest anomaly of mankind is, everyone keeps waiting for Kalki Avatar to manifest but no one comes forward to assist him in various daily routines of life.