Spiritual Practices

Role of Spirituality in mental health recovery

Spirituality plays a major role in maintaining perfect mental health. And why would that be?   Spirituality stems from the root word spirit that existed in all living beings as our Prana, a cluster of cosmic energy we called soul atman. Even human beings possessed it.   By indulging in spirituality we were only expediting the cosmic journey of soul […]

Importance of Spirituality in modern life

Spirituality is a cosmic precept that does not relate to one human life! Indulging in spirituality human beings finally became a pure soul atman rejoining its source Brahman, God Almighty.   As ordained in Bhagavad Gita we are primarily a spirit, a spiritual traveler on its cosmic life cycle. As a consciousness existing in heart it manifest human form to […]

Is there a link between Inner peace and Spirituality

Inner peace has always been a property of spiritual path. Journey of spirituality directly relates to inner being, spirit existing in our heart as our soul atman. When human beings indulged in spirituality, the inner being felt at peace for we were all the time following its dictates.   Primarily we are a cosmic traveler, spiritual being undertaking journey in […]

Why Spirituality is better than Religion

Spirituality has always been better than religion as it is only spirituality that leads human beings towards their source from where they emanated.   The human garb is only medium for soul atman within to cleanse itself of dross impurities within. In reality we are a cosmic traveler, spiritual being a soul atman undertaking cosmic journey.   From the time […]

Becoming a Spiritual person

If we think we can become a spiritual person we are wrong. In fact we are a spiritual traveler, a spiritual being from the very beginning of life. We failed to realize our true identity due to presence of ego. By demolishing our ego in totality spiritual travelers finally become a pure soul atman.   As detailed in Bhagavad Gita […]

I want to be Spiritual but not Religious

There is practically no concept like I want to be spiritual but not religious. We are primarily a spiritual being, a cosmic traveler manifesting human form. Ever since we as the spirit got separated from its source Brahman, God Almighty, we desire rejoining the source.   Due to presence of ego we failed to realize our true identity as a […]

Spirituality and the Mind

Spirituality directly relates to mind, not the human mind! The fact is in entire world no human being ever had an independent mind. All had a brain that works like a receiving and transmitting station.   The mind of entire cosmos is one having two compartments. The reservoir of mind plus and mind minus. From reservoir of mind plus flowed […]

Being Spiritual but not believing in God

The summation that we could be spiritual yet not believe in God did not exist in field of spirituality. Firm belief in God is an absolute must if we seriously desire undertaking spiritual journey.   Belief in God stems from the very fact that we are primarily a spiritual being, a cosmic traveler undertaking cosmic journey in human form. We […]

Does Spirituality affect health

Practicing spirituality rightly one can increase body immunity to infinity. Something totally unheard of but it was an absolute reality of spiritual life.   When seekers indulged in spirituality they not only controlled their sexual inhibitions but also multifold desires and wishes growing rapidly within. Demolition of ego in stages results in growth of a healthy body. In absence of […]

Difference between Religion and relationship with God

Some say religion evolved from root word religio meaning reference for God or gods.   Others say religion evolved from root word religare which means to bond, tie together.   Both are valid! Religion is primarily a set of beliefs and practices indulged collectively by human beings. Believers of religion indulged in various religious practices that glorified god but have […]

Brain of experienced Meditator

The brain of experienced meditator like Swami Vivekananda and Acharya Rajneesh (née Osho) were quite evolved. Swami Vivekananda was truly an exception. On the verge of gaining enlightenment, he point-blank refused to gain enlightenment in his lifetime.   The evolution of brain is directly linked and proportional to opening of kundalini energy, the cosmic energy lying dormant in base of […]

Brain activity and God the relationship

Britain is the only tool that connects human beings (nay soul atman within) with Brahman, God Almighty. Brain always acts as a receiving and transmitting station.   Indulging in spirituality yoga meditation when human beings awaken their kundalini shakti in stages, dormant lying portions of brain opened intermittently.   The opening of brain was directly proportional to kundalini awakening, the […]