I want to be Spiritual but not Religious

There is practically no concept like I want to be spiritual but not religious. We are primarily a spiritual being, a cosmic traveler manifesting human form. Ever since we as the spirit got separated from its source Brahman, God Almighty, we desire rejoining the source.


Due to presence of ego we failed to realize our true identity as a soul atman, the spirit within. Indulging in spirituality we finally identified self with the spirit existing in heart as our soul atman.


Indulging in spiritual travel is noble indeed, not many people world over did so. Most indulged in religious practices (rituals) never gaining anything in life, remaining wherever they were. To progress spiritually, to reach the source God Almighty, our indulgence with spirituality is an absolute must. Spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita!


Following Indian spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita spiritual stalwarts like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed finally succeeded in reaching God in their lifetime. All these spiritual travelers had one thing in common, all were spiritual not religious.


Indulging in religious practices (rituals) one never reaches God as reaching God demands negation of karma to zero. This becomes possible when we demolished our ego in totality and succeeded in establishing total control over five senses and mind.


Furthermore we need practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation. This is necessitated to awaken kundalini spirit, the coiled Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine.


Awakening of kundalini is proportional to opening of dormant lying portions in our brain. We human beings used our brain 1 to 2% the remaining lying dormant all the time. Indulgence in kundalini makes dormant lying portions of brain activate in stages. Full awakening of kundalini announces 100% activation of brain. One finally becomes an enlightened one forever.


The whole gamut of indulging in spirituality is recognizing our true inner self. Spiritual journey is always an inner journey towards the spirit, our soul atman existing in our heart. Prime reason why in Hinduism practice of pranayama (breathing exercise) is recommended as part of yoga meditation! Lying in shavasna pose of yoga and doing pranayama we can reach the spirit within.


In all practicality without even going to temples churches and mosques, indulging in religious pursuits of life one could indulge in spirituality all the time to reach God.

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