Importance of Spirituality in modern life

Spirituality is a cosmic precept that does not relate to one human life! Indulging in spirituality human beings finally became a pure soul atman rejoining its source Brahman, God Almighty.


As ordained in Bhagavad Gita we are primarily a spirit, a spiritual traveler on its cosmic life cycle. As a consciousness existing in heart it manifest human form to work out its karma, remove dross impurities within. Indulging in religious practices (rituals) the soul atman remained where it is.


But practicing spirituality when human beings reached state of enlightenment, the cosmic journey of life for spirit within finally ends! In absence of dross impurities within the need for soul atman to manifest human body again ceases to exist.


The importance of spirituality in human form is unprecedented, unbelievable, beyond expression of words. Only a serious traveler of spiritual path like Swami Vivekananda can understand its ramifications. Practice of spirituality takes time prime reason why Mahavira, Gautama Buddha even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed started early in life.


Spirituality means taking an inner journey towards spirit, soul atman existing in our heart. This is accomplished when we indulged in contemplation (chintan) most of time. The path to reaching spirit existing in our heart is only via chintan (contemplation), there was no other shortcut or method.


This is the biggest bottleneck in life of human beings as none wants to indulge in contemplation (chintan) all the time prime reason why only a handful world over indulged in spirituality, others taking refuge of religion (religious practices, rituals). Despite the fact that indulging in rituals one reached nowhere. The outcome of religious practices always was nil.


Indulging in prayers, worshipping God, going to temples churches and mosques truly achieved nothing. If we are to ever reach God in our lifetime, if the soul atman within has to merge with God Almighty, Brahman then human beings undertaking spiritual journey is an absolute must.


Spiritual journey demands demolition of ego in totality only then we could overpower five senses and mind. Furthermore practicing absolute celibacy we had to awaken our kundalini shakti fully. Only then dormant lying portions in our brain activated fully. The moment our brain activates 100% one reaches state of enlightenment forever.


Journey of spirituality is tough for the very reason that it is a journey into the unknown. Every single human being would have different spiritual experience every single time. As our thought process, accordingly the journey, the manifestation of spirituality!


The definition of spirituality never changes with time. Even in times of Lord Krishna above 3650 years before the procedure was the same as now. No matter what we have to negate karma to zero, only then we can become a pure soul atman in the cosmic journey of life.

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