Are there any true Self Realized Spiritual master in the Himalayas

How long shall we keep harking on presence of self realized souls in Himalayas? In yesteryears seekers in search of cosmic truths of life went to confines of Himalayas to contemplate in isolation. In present times such a necessity does not exist. One can indulge in contemplation even in confines of home and do it very successfully.


From six years of age I indulged in contemplation in the premises of my home and at an advanced stage I could contemplate even in the busiest corners of the market. Maintaining inner calm, equipoise is not difficult if our goal of spiritual life is very clear. One can indulge in spirituality successfully by lessening desires and wishes, the inner clutter.


More the clutter inside, greater the difficulty in contemplating even in isolation! A true seeker is never perturbed by external disturbances for it is internal equipoise that is necessary.


Maharshi Ramana was the last self realized soul on mother earth who left his mortal frame in 1950. The next in series is Kalki avatar himself, an avatar of present era one who shall successfully re-establish Dharma (righteousness).


Suppose Kalki avatar manifests tomorrow, what is the guarantee that he would commit himself to imparting spiritual wisdom to us. We can never always be sure of such a reality.


When I could not find a spiritual master to guide me in the spiritual journey of life, I contemplated on the issue again and again and finally realized that we do not need a Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Maharshi Ramana in flesh. For me they were all the time alive through their books, vast paraphernalia of literature available in open.


And thus started my interaction with teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharshi Ramana! I almost duplicated path of spirituality, self enquiry and Neti undertaken by Ramana Maharshi.

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