God and gender in Hinduism

Brahman the creator of all cosmos, the one and only God in Hinduism is subtle cosmic energy beyond all comprehensions. Even enlightened ones could not describe it. Brahman can only be realized never seen. Indulging in spirituality seekers in India successfully reached god, became one with God forever. This happened because they believed in Nirakaar form of God (having no form) and also Nirguna, without attributes.


Brahman, God Almighty always was attributed less, without a form. Thinking of God in terms of gender is blasphemy, unthinkable. People in India and outside worshipped Sakaar form of God (having a form) and also Saguna, having attributes! This thinking was misplaced as it leads nowhere. Practitioners of religion (rituals) never reached God in their lifetime. Why indulge in Sakaar, Saguna worship of God when it yielded no results?


As per doctrine of Maya (veil of illusion) propagated by Adi Shankaracharya the whole world is made up of clusters of atoms and molecules. As per doctrine of Maya nothing other than God Almighty existed in whole cosmos. Only when perceived from senses point of view things appear solid, in reality all was gaseous formation including form of human beings. This analogy also proves that truly whole cosmos was just clusters of atoms and molecules.


And apart from this cluster of atoms and molecules existed, Prana the life-giving energy we called God, the true essence of all cosmic life.


As per Adi Shankaracharya in doctrine of Maya, the whole present manifest physical world exists only in thoughts of God almighty. In reality it just could not exist. If we presume it exists then what beyond as the present cosmos does not seem to have a boundary!


If we truly desire gaining anything on spiritual front, we must indulge in Nirakaar, Nirguna form of God having no form and without attributes. It is not within capability of human beings to assess anything relating to God Almighty Brahman. The most human beings could do till date was conduct experiments and reach state of God particle. Even analyzing identity of a soul atman was beyond human intellect, what to say of God Almighty!


Now or ever in future humankind would never be able to realize or assess what God Almighty was all about except travelers of spiritual path who succeed reaching god.


A rightful glimpse into domain of god is rightly given to enlightened ones and self realized souls only. Only when human beings indulging in Bhagavad Gita reached God they could have an interaction with God Almighty on one-to-one basis, never before. Even then visualizing, comprehending the vast stature of God Almighty Brahman was not possible.

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