What will be the purpose of Kalki Avatar

Mounted with power of Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (independent spiritual treatises) Kalki avatar would finally succeed re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) all over world. Negativity would finally take a back seat forever.


In present Kali Yuga (darkest phase of life) it is primarily negativity that rules the roost, negativity existing in all human beings internally. If we can change this negativity from negative to positive, then mankind would usher into Satyuga, the awaited golden period.


In Kali Yuga negativity ruled human beings and in a Satyuga it is positivity all around. Human beings remaining the same it is primarily change in attitude that brings about a drastic change in society. Relationship in Kali Yuga was primarily ruled by flesh but in Satyuga all relationships were nurtured in our positive thought process.


Negativity breeds vice whereas positivity promotes mankind towards indulgence in spirituality.


In present times none seems interested in educating self about spirituality. In present times spirituality is used like an ornament, to decorate the outer appearance. Spirituality is all about inner strength, inner travel towards the spirit, soul atman existing in heart.


We can propel self towards spirituality, state of self realization only by indulgence in a positive thought process. The day we succeed demolishing negativity in totality, our spiritual progress multiplies manifold. Spirituality, self development is all about positive thinking. Unless we were pure in our thoughts, we just could not accomplish anything spiritually.


Indulging in negativity all the time we could never learn anything spiritually literally. Even the most learned scholars of present times seems more interested in gossiping, discussing things negative than indulging in positive thinking, promoting spirituality.


Kalki avatar would finally demolish dark forces of nature to inculcate a feeling of positivity, promoting entire mankind towards spirituality. The dark forces of nature represent negativity existing in all human beings internally. Everything spiritual occurs internally. We can eradicate negativity by dwelling in positive thoughts most of time. Only then we can hope to achieve anything spiritually all the time.


Kalki avatar is all about promoting spirituality, inculcating positive thinking in mankind worldwide.

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