Is Kali Yuga going to end in a disastrous way as described in Kalki Purana

The end of a Yuga, not only Kali Yuga is always disastrous. The reason being after end of Kali Yuga waits the dawn of Satyuga, the golden period! And for this to happen, the rot in the society has to be cleansed forever.


The coming world war 3, a disastrous man-made calamity would result in 1200 million people getting wiped from the society forever. Such monumental deaths would make life lose its meaning. From the ashes of Kali Yuga would raise Satyuga, the awaited golden era.


The end stage of Kali Yuga is the trough and thereafter the society reaches its zenith, the highest peak but slowly.


For mother earth to recover, rejuvenate itself the occurrence of a battle of Mahabharata, a dharmic war is an absolute must. Only then dharma (righteousness) gets established. Mahabharata was no ordinary war but a battle of Dharma.


For all negativity world over to subside forever the world engaging in a battle of Dharma is ordained by God. A fight to finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma is in offing. None could change this course of time. Whatever is destined to happen shall happen.


If cleansing of the society demands sacrifice of above 1200 million people worldwide, so it shall be. If re-establishing of Dharma (righteousness) demands sacrifice of the highest order culminating in death of above 1200 million people, so shall it be.


The society would learn its lessons the hard way. There was no other alternative practically. Everything results from a bloated ego not willing to subside.

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