Different types of Karma in Hinduism

Karma in Hinduism is an integral property of cosmic system similar to evolution. There could never be different types of evolutions and so is the case with karma.


We have two different categories of karma, two different aspects similar as we have day we also have night, we have fire we also have water. The two different categories of Karma are good karma, positive karma and bad karma, negative karma.


Those indulging in vice practiced bad karma whereas those with a sunny disposition and godly thinking exercised good karma!


Those with a negative residual balance of karma from present or previous lives suffered most of time. Those having a positive residual balance of karma experienced happiness most of time.


Both sufferings and happiness directly relate to karma indulged by us in present or past. At no stage of life God Almighty is responsible for our woes as many human beings world over think.


If a good person sometimes undergoes sufferings it results from negative karma indulged by us in present or past life. Indulging in good karma all the time is good for us. Only then we can neutralize presence of negative residual balance of karma from previous manifestations.


The moment negative residual balance of karma from previous manifestations neutralizes forever, sufferings minimize. Owing to evolution, some sufferings are bound to occur. That was how God Almighty ordained evolutionary system to be. The evolutionary process always results in sufferings of some kind. In absence of sufferings, life simply could not evolve.

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