Is there such a thing as Bad Karma

Propelled, goaded by ego when human beings indulged in vice, what do we expect would be generated good or bad karma! Every single indulgence in vice results in bad karma and every sunny disposition, godly thinking results in good karma.


Good or bad every inch of karma, every single bit has to be demolished in totality negated to zero if we are to succeed in life spiritually.


Indulgence in bad karma creates further bondages, prolongs our journey on mother earth. The spirit, soul atman the real self of us existing in heart desires negation of karma to zero at the earliest. For this indulgence in good karma, positive karma all the time is an absolute must.


To establish control over five senses and mind forever, we have to minimize our indulgence in bad karma finally negating it to zero. A spiritual traveler cannot afford creation of further bondages in life. Spirituality was all about becoming a pure soul atman, free from all bondages of earthly life.


If we require one single duck for our dinner and we land killing three purely for the sake of pleasure, then for the extra two killings we shall be punished by God. It creates additional bondage for which we shall have to repent later on. Only then we can travel spiritual path successfully.


The prime reason why people in West failed to understand Indian spirituality is non-realization of law of karma and mindless creation of extra bondages in life. Spirituality simply means reducing our desires and wishes to zero, only then we can overpower five senses and mind forever.


To become a pure soul atman, a pure spirit indulgence in good karma all the time is a necessity from which one cannot ever absolve self. Spirituality demands not only karma but also demolition of ego to zero in totality.

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