How Karma affects your life

As of now I am free of burden of karma. Having become a pure soul atman, pure consciousness no karma is binding for me. Ever since six years of age I have always indulged in karma, nishkama karma way of life, never attaching self to fruits of karma performed.


I have always considered myself a true soldier of god, a trustee for whom everything all the time belonged to God Almighty and never the individual self. A successful seeker finally becomes a caretaker in the cosmic journey of life.


It is in this stage of no karma I realized the biggest potential of mankind that human beings can all the time for the welfare of entire mankind. Working for individual self cannot be our goal of life. Spiritually we should be concerned with the welfare of all, not the individual self.


Prompted by ego, goaded by ego most human beings did not care to warnings of soul atman coming from within our heart. We never indulged in true spirituality to reach God in our lifetime. We always preferred religious practices (indulgence in rituals) calling it spiritual all the time.


We can fool ourselves, even the gullible public but what about God? Everything that happened all over cosmos is in the know-how of God. It keeps track on activities of all living beings including human beings via doctrine of karma. As we sow so shall we reap nothing less or more!


Human beings must never attempt indulging in karma out of their fold. Doing so would prolong our cosmic journey instead of shortening it. It is indulging in spirituality human beings reached God never via path of religion. Karma is an integral part of spirituality. True practice of spirituality demands demolition of karma in totality. Karma has to be negated to zero to become a pure soul atman. Cleansing of dross impurities within soul atman becomes possible when human beings indulged in karma.


Many people think working with a detached attitude is the right parameter of indulging in spirituality. This is an absolute misnomer. One has to indulge in karma with an unattached attitude like King Janaka (father of Sita in Ramayana) and also JRD Tata, the late scion of Tata Empire.


Wrong indulgence in karma produces karmic bondage. Spirituality demands reducing all types of bondages in stages! Bhagavad Gita promotes indulgence in nishkama karma yoga, the path taken by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharshi Ramana. For people working for welfare of entire mankind nishkama karma yoga is the best path to reach God in shortest possible time.


We must understand concept of trusteeship in depth. Only then we can expedite spiritual journey.


If we keep ourselves away from fruits of karma performed, how can such karma be binding? Negation of karma becomes possible when we indulged in karma with an unattached attitude. Dominated by a bloated ego, practice of nishkama karma yoga initially seems difficult, yet not impossible. It Swami Vivekananda can do it so can all.


Devoid of karma and indulging in welfare of all mankind from six years of age I finally realized self, realized god in 1993 37 years of age.

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