What is Kundalini Awakening process

At any given moment of life human beings invoked both positive and negative thoughts. And then starts the churning called Samudra Manthan in Hinduism. In the churning process both Amrita (elixir of life) and Vish (poison) are produced. This Amrita, elixir of life if channelized awakens like a coiled serpent called kundalini shakti.


Spiritual travelers directed this kundalini shakti towards Crown chakra, also called Ajna chakra to reach state of enlightenment.


Kundalini awakening, spiritual travel was all about invocation of positive thoughts all the time. So was also done by successful entrepreneurs’ world over. As the goal of life of an entrepreneur was physical, relating to this world… they were not interested in spiritual pursuit of life and hence directed Amrita, elixir of life towards their only goal.


In the process some became JRD Tata, others Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. All these successful people invoked positivity all the time and channelized the resultant Amrita towards their goal.


A spiritual traveler directed this Amrita towards realizing ones fullest potential, state of self realization, god realization.


In both cases, that of a successful entrepreneur and a spiritual traveler the story was the same. Both directed Amrita towards their only goal of life. During the channelization process activation of dormant lying portions of brain occurred in both cases,


In case of an entrepreneur the brain may activate from 2 to 4% but in case of a spiritual traveler on reaching state of enlightenment the brain activated full 100%.


The activation of brain, awakening of kundalini, indulgence in spirituality demands human beings contemplating (indulging in chintan) on vital issues of life, the answers of which lay hidden in sacred texts of various scriptures of different religions of world.


If we think logically, we can definitely awaken our kundalini in totality, reaching state of enlightenment in our lifetime.

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