What powers can we develop through Kundalini

Kundalini awakening was never about seeking any powers. Kundalini awakening forms part of spiritual journey, the inner journey towards the unknown existing in our heart as our spirit, consciousness. Spiritual people never think of kundalini in terms of commercial usage.


Full kundalini awakening means becoming an enlightened one like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. An enlightened one can never be forgotten by humanity. They become immortal through their everlasting teachings.


The power that can be exercised by an awakened one is peace world over. A truly awakened human being can be the cause of world peace. Imagine if Gautama Buddha existed today. He would develop an instant following of above 2000 to 3000 million people worldwide. With such a large following, what would be the possibility of laying siege by a handful of terrorists!


Terrorism would be nipped in the bud. The preaching of an enlightened one like Gautama Buddha would spread far and wide. Same would be the case with Jesus Christ if he also existed today. The power exercised by one whose kundalini had awakened is beyond imagination. It was always for welfare of entire mankind at large and never the individual self.


Even if an enlightened one tries one could never work for welfare of individual self. It was totally prohibited by God, Brahman himself.

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