Are Kundalini Awakening and mental illness related

People who associate mental illness with kundalini awakening knew nothing about Kundalini. Mental disorder starts moment we quit path of spirituality, kundalini awakening midway.


Kundalini awakening was all about activation of brain to full capacity. Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2%, the balance always lying dormant. By indulging in spirituality, kundalini awakening human beings can activate their brain to full capacity 100%.


100% activation of brain announces one becoming an enlightened one, a kaivalya jnani forever.


Kundalini awakening does not lead to any mental disorder; it rather promotes human beings towards increased consciousness within. The increase in consciousness is directly proportional to indulgence in spirituality, kundalini awakening.


Spirituality, kundalini awakening is always indulged via contemplation (chintan) but people world over failed to realize this important aspect of spirituality. Instead of indulging in contemplation most preferred religious practices (indulgence in rituals) that never truly gained anything in life.


Indulging in religion (rituals) we remained wherever we were. Spiritual progress does not relate to religious practices. Spirituality is totally distinct from religion though part of it.


I know many who quit journey of spirituality midway. They now have a partially awakened kundalini. It is this partially awakened kundalini that is the cause of all mental disorders, depression.


Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says one should indulge in spirituality, kundalini awakening only when our goal of life was reaching God in present life time, never otherwise.


One trying to awaken kundalini is never a mental patient, one with disorder. A seeker is simply trying to awaken dormant lying portions of brain. It is only when one abruptly quits practicing kundalini awakening; the uncontrolled kundalini energy causes disruption in daily life.

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