Did someone have bad Kundalini Awakening experiences

Fundamentals in field of pure spirituality were distinct and clear from the very beginning. If we indulged in kundalini awakening and quit midway who would be responsible for landing in a state of severe depression!


Kundalini energy is the most potent of all energies made available to mankind by grace of God Almighty. We just could not abandon kundalini shakti loose, it could create havoc in personal life. Kundalini shakti is required to be harnessed as detailed in Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism.


Kundalini awakening must be indulged only if our goal of life was spiritual. Full kundalini awakening means activating brain to full capacity 100%! Normal human beings used their brain 1 to 2% the balance always lying dormant. Full kundalini awakening results in 100% activation of brain. This leads to seekers gaining enlightenment, becoming a kaivalya jnani.


Bad kundalini awakening experience is realized when one quit activation of kundalini midway. We just cannot do that. It is not permitted by God. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says all spiritual advancement never goes waste. Whatever level of spirituality we accomplished in present life gets transferred to next manifestation automatically. But kundalini cannot be let loose.


Kundalini shakti let loose is like a broken dam which creates havoc in life of people of that area.


Before indulging in spirituality we have to be sure that we shall not quit spiritual journey midway. I know many who seriously started in search of god but quit spiritual life midway after 15 years of spiritual indulgence only to become patients of severe depression.


Kundalini shakti is Amrita (elixir of life) existing dormant in base of spine. Until we indulged in spirituality it lays dormant. If we activated it by indulging in contemplation (chintan) then we cannot just feign ignorance and quit the path. Contemplation (chintan) leads to dissolving queries within. As the queries within lessened we progressed spiritually.


To expedite awakening of kundalini practice of celibacy (abstention from sexual indulgence) is a shortcut path. If sexual energy is not controlled, it can also create havoc in personal life.


Indulgence in contemplation, practice of celibacy never leads to bad experience but quitting the spiritual journey midway definitely can.


In my search for God from six years of age I never had any bad experience of kundalini awakening except for the fact that kundalini Cobra chased me for months and at that time I really felt scared.

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