Can Spirituality overcome illness

Spirituality cannot overcome illness of its own. If a person indulges in spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita, dormant lying portions of our brain start activating. This resulted in overall growth of our personality, so much so that one starts experiencing ecstasy, bliss intermittently.


Physical illness follows mental illness. When our thinking process was crowded, overcrowded with thousands of thoughts entering our brain every second! We seemed puzzled all the time. Practice of spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita can lead one towards inner calm, a total poise most of time. Just by changing our thought pattern from negative to positive, we can become not only smarter but a wiser intelligent person in day-to-day routines of life.


For example one suffering from cancer always has a total clouding of thought process. The thinking pattern of one is not systematic, organized. What is cancer all about… just a few good cells going rogue and a chain reaction leading to formation of cancerous cells! A truly spiritual person can dramatically bring about a phenomenal change in the working of cells.


A spiritual person can throw out all decayed cells and regenerate new cells that were not cancerous.


Physical ailments that require physical attention cannot be cured mentally like a physical injury. But any injury related to our mental make-up can definitely be cured in totality. The body immunity of a truly successful spiritual person almost reaches Infinity. And good body immunity provides a healthy healing ground for human beings to recover properly.


I distinctly remember when I was in higher stages of spiritual realm in pursuit of god; I almost possessed 100% immunity. So much so for above 20 years no kind of viral fever ever touched me. I was also not affected by normal physical ailments.


It was in those moments I wrote a letter to director-general, World Health Organization (WHO) to insert me with AIDS virus and in flat three days I would have fully recovered. I was willing to demonstrate the same in front of masses. I never got a reply back. The letter must be in record of WHO. This letter I wrote about 20 years back when I was nearing 40 years of age.


Furthermore, a spiritual person is always healthy from inside and even doctors know that a healthy mental growth leads to a healthy physical body.


If we are a spiritual traveler and have been affected by physical ailment, we can definitely reduce; negate effect of ailment just by changing our thought process from negative to positive.

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