Who is a Spiritual person definition

Spiritual person is one who after making a distinction between religion and spirituality indulges in spiritual journey to reach cosmic end of life, becoming a pure soul atman forever.


Spiritual person never indulges in religion (any type of rituals). For a spiritual person there was only one God Brahman while one practicing religion has hordes of gods and goddesses.


A spiritual person identifies self with the spirit, soul atman existing in heart. A spiritual person believes that indulging in spirituality one could reach state of absolute purity, enlightenment.


A spiritual person never mixes words and was very clear about system of God Almighty.


A spiritual person indulging in path of jnana yoga (absolute wisdom) proceeds towards God.


A spiritual person indulges in kundalini awakening. After realizing that practice of absolute celibacy for 12 years in continuation is necessitated, one indulges in the practice wholeheartedly.


For a spiritual person earthly bondages meant little. Spiritual person always tries to demolish one’s ego. The desires and wishes of a spiritual person were minimal.


Indulging in contemplation (chintan) all the time, a truly spiritual person finally succeeds dissolving all queries within. One also takes refuge in jnana wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita. For it is only jnana wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita that helps one removing darkness of ignorance!


Spiritual journey cannot be covered in absence of teachings of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.


For human beings spiritual journey is always the end goal of life. Indulging in spirituality human beings finally emancipated self from cycle of birth and death.


A true spiritual person never criticizes or condemns anybody. For him all are children of god.


A normal human being even while conducting day-to-day affairs of life can be a spiritual person as the inner journey is indulged via contemplation (chintan). In present times one need not necessarily go to Himalayas (deep dense forests) to contemplate in isolation.


Remaining wherever we were in the family or outside, we could indulge in spirituality.


All my life from six years of age even while studying, indulging in business I was busy in spiritual pursuit of life. I can consider myself a spiritual person of the highest order, a Karma Yogi who never mixes words.


One thing surprises me; in present times most human beings think spirituality was a part-time job. From my angle spiritual journey was not only a full-time job but also demanded highest level of perfection… patience, persistence and perseverance at its level best.

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