If one attains Self Realization can we lose it or we only attain Moksha after that

Once a seeker reaches state of self realization, god realization it is permanent, cannot be lost. Once the kundalini awakened fully, it could never be reverted back to its original position. A bud having bloomed into a flower could never become a bud again.


If I climb Mount Everest, come down and indulge in day-to-day routines of life, do I lose my tag of climbing Mount Everest? Can people ever say I did not climb Mount Everest? The most human beings could say was, I am presently not present on Mount Everest in person.


Similar is the case with kundalini awakening, state of self realization. After reaching state of self realization, the seeker can again indulge in day-to-day routines of life but loses some spiritual powers and that too temporarily. With minimal effort we can always recoil back.


What if a block of silver is left in the open? After a few days we would not find the block of silver but a black stone in its place. What actually happened is silver reacted with oxygen in the atmosphere and developed a black coating all around. We can repolish back the block again, without much efforts.


A self realized person is always aloof from the society. Reason being one has cut all attachments to the material world forever. These attachments cannot grow back, it is just not permitted. Internally a self realized person always remains a pure soul atman.


After reaching state of self realization one can either quit the mortal frame and go to kingdom of god (Vaikuntha in Hinduism) as a liberated soul atman or continue giving back to society whatever one gained on spiritual journey. This was the path followed by Mahavira (24th Tirthankara of Jainism, preceptor). Mahavira gained self realization at 42 years of age, continued giving deshna (spiritual discourses) for full 30 years and quit his mortal frame at 72 years of age.


The moment a self realized person left mortal frame one automatically gains moksha salvation forever. The state of moksha salvation means becoming a liberated soul atman forever that could venture to any part of cosmos at will.


Until reaching state of moksha salvation, all souls’ atmans were bonded to solar system.

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