What is the goal of life Self Realization or Liberation

The goal of human life is reaching state of self realization, liberation from cycle of birth and death forever. Spiritually both self realization and liberation (Mukti) meant the same.


As per Bhagavad Gita we are a spirit, soul atman manifesting human form. As a soul we manifest human form to remove dross impurities within. Of itself no soul atman can purify self and needs a medium, a body to work out its karma.


As a soul atman our ultimate goal of life is regaining our lost pure prime pristine primordial form at the earliest. When we manifest human form, realizing our true inner self became a possibility. Indulging in spirituality human beings succeed realizing their true inner self existing in our heart. In the normal course of life we failed to realize our true inner self due to dominance of ego.


Indulging in spirituality, path of jnana yoga when we removed darkness of ignorance within, we realized our true inner self. Reaching state of self realization, god realization is the ultimate goal of life for all human beings on mother earth. If we do not desire indulging in spirituality in present life time, our ultimate goal of life does not change.


In every manifestation by soul atman the ultimate goal of life always remains the same, becoming a pure soul atman at the earliest.


Liberation from cycle of birth and death, liberation from a soul atman manifesting human form again and again is termed Mukti in Hinduism. Only after reaching state of absolute purity does a soul atman reach state of liberation, Mukti. This is also termed self realization, realization of our true inner self. After reaching state of self realization, a soul atman finally becomes free from bondages of earthly life. This liberated soul atman can now venture to any part of cosmos at will.


Realizing we are a spirit, a soul atman is the prime purpose of human life. This realization is not little. Indulging in nishkama karma yoga when we removed dross impurities within our soul atman in totality, we become a pure soul atman forever.


The entire purpose of indulging in Bhagavad Gita, path of jnana yoga is reaching state of absolute purity as a soul atman. A liberated soul atman in absence of dross impurities within need not manifest a human body again. The circle of life for a soul atman finally ends.

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