What is Spiritual thinking meaning

Spiritual thinking relates to spiritually minded people who outwardly may appear normal human beings indulging in day-to-day activities of life but internally may be a spiritual traveler taking an inner journey, a journey towards our soul atman, spirit existing in heart.


From the face of it one could never make out if someone was inherently taking inner path.


Spiritual travelers always were introverts as it helped them indulging in spirituality most of time.


Spirituality as detailed in Bhagavad Gita says, in present times one need not go to inner confines of Himalayas (deep dense forests) to contemplate in isolation. One could easily do it at home. Practicing spirituality at home is difficult yet not impossible.


Why is practicing spirituality at home difficult? The only reason being spirituality demands cutting all ties, all sorts of earthly relationships forever! In the higher stages of spiritual pursuit for a true seeker the whole world becomes one large family.


Moha (extreme emotional attachment) is something difficult to cut in the journey of spirituality. Disbanding Moha takes its own time. We just could not abandon the whole family midway as did Siddhartha Gautama. Just by touching feet of wife and child we are never absolved of karma.


Even while living in the family if we travel spiritual path, it is quite possible at some stage we are not able to recognize our parents, brothers and sisters, even close relatives and friends. For a spiritual traveler, one in search of God, family, earthly relationships carried no meaning.


On path of pure spirituality we have to demolish our ego in totality. Furthermore we have to establish total control over five senses and mind. It is while establishing control over five senses, family ties come in the way. The most critical part of spiritual life is cutting ties of Moha, prime reason why ladies in general failed to travel spiritual path successfully.


It is Moha (extreme emotional attachment) that keeps ladies closely bonded to their children.


A spiritual thinker is always aloof from the society, living an independent life internally. Always interested in self enquiry, Neti (not this, not this), a true spiritual traveler practically had no time for family affiliations. A spiritual traveler finally recognizes that one is a spirit manifesting human form and for this very reason he gets farther and farther away from all family members.


Great spiritual thinkers like Swami Vivekananda benefited the society greatly. In his speech in 1893 in the Parliament of the World’s Religions Swami Vivekananda shook the entire spiritual world. His message to world was clear, to grow spiritually from within. If you cannot do it of your own, come to India and we shall teach you how to do that.


In search of God, a seeker has to master the delicate art of spiritual thinking, a journey within.

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