How to comfort People with Cancer

People suffering from cancer must clearly understand that unless they changed their attitude, thinking from negative to positive, nothing much could be done in the matter.


Cancer results only when we were negative in our approach towards life. Formation of cancerous cells, bad cells result when our logical thinking breaks down. Dominated by a bloated ego we were practically out of our own control. Such an attitude paved way for growth of cancerous cells.


By changing our attitude from negative to positive, we can not only change our lifestyle but also fish out all the decayed, bad cells in the body. 100% positive thinking acts life a catalyst, working wonders in our cell making industry.


Apart from practicing positivity, invoking positive thoughts all the time, a logical approach to life is also necessitated. And this is where spirituality comes into play.


Spirituality was all about indulging in every single affair of life logically through power of contemplation (chintan) at each and every stage of life.


Indulging in spirituality logically from six years of age I finally landed in laps of God Almighty in the wee hours of third of August 1993 making it my last manifestation on mother earth. Moment I leave my mortal frame I shall attain moksha salvation, liberation from cycle of birth and death.


Whatever level of cancer patient may we be, without looking into past we must try to indulge in positivity in the present. There is a big possibility that if our thinking was right, the cancerous cells in the body would give way to new healthy cells.

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