Who is I in Bhagavad Gita

The, I in Bhagavad Gita represent three entities. The first is our ego, the primary controller of human beings. Guided by ego human beings indulged in day-to-day routines of life! Those with a healthy ego remained cheerful and happy compared to others.


Healthy ego means maintaining a positive lifestyle. If we were negative in life then ego could lead one to state of utter destruction, severe depression.


Apart from ego the, I is exercised for presence of spirit, soul atman in our heart. As detailed in Bhagavad Gita this spirit, soul atman existing in our heart is actually Lord Krishna. The second I existing in manifest human body is the Prana, the sublime consciousness, the ultimate master and controller of human body.


Allegorically if we go by dictates of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, I stood for voice of God Almighty himself, Brahman in Hinduism resonating through the manifest physical human body. If Lord Krishna says I, it represents Brahman, God Almighty himself. Even Lord Krishna is an instrument in hands of God Almighty.


Whenever a programme on TV is relayed from Central Station in New Delhi, the signal first goes to Mussoorie repeater station and onward to nearby areas. If we go by car from New Delhi to Mussoorie Roorkee is on way. But the TV signal first goes to Mussoorie and then travels back to Roorkee.


The status of Mussoorie repeater station is that of Lord Krishna, acting as an interim station to relay something further. As God Almighty could not directly interact with human beings, it passes its voice through Lord Krishna existing in heart of all human beings.


Normal human beings can say they never heard voice of Lord Krishna or God Almighty coming from within their heart!


From six years of age I have been interacting with Lord Krishna as if sitting across the table. For doing this we have to demolition our ego to zero in totality. At any given moment of life only one can prevail, either I of our ego or that of Lord Krishna within. By demolishing my ego, I could distinctly hear promptings of Lord Krishna coming from within my heart all the time.


If we go deeper into spiritual aspect of life, we shall find even the voice of Lord Krishna is the voice of Brahman, God Almighty himself. This confirms doctrine of Mahavira that God himself did not exist. Jainism scriptures believed in existence of souls’ atmans and not God Almighty. However this is an anomaly in beliefs of Mahavira. Both God and souls atmans exist.


We as a human being do not have an independent identity. The moment death takes over the physical identity is lost forever. But the reality of cosmic life is we never lost our cosmic identity even after death. We are primarily a spirit, spiritual being on its cosmic travel. The moment we leave the body after death, we manifest a new body and start a new journey of life.


The cyclic motion of life after death continues until we indulging in spirituality reach state of enlightenment. And when an enlightened one leaves mortal frame, one attains moksha salvation.


Moksha salvation announces liberation from cycle of birth and death forever. The liberated soul atman, the pure soul atman finally enters kingdom of God (Vaikuntha in Hinduism).


Enlightenment announces, dissolving of I forever and one finally becoming a pure soul! This pure soul finally merges with God, and this was also the ultimate goal of all yoga meditation on mother earth.

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