Advantages of reading Bhagavad Gita

One whose goal of life is not spiritual, there is practically no advantage of reading Bhagavad Gita. Many human beings world over thought that Bhagavad Gita contains many principles of management following which, they could improve their manifest physical life. They were entirely wrong. Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual compendium having nothing to do with manifest physical life.


Following so-called principles of management from Bhagavad Gita even if human beings reached so-called successes in life, after death of mortal body they would keep rotating in endless cycles of birth and death again and again. What use becoming a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett if we have to keep rotating in endless cycles of birth and death.


Every single journey on mother earth restarts from level A. We have to again start from childhood, indulge in ABCD and continue our life. In the next life form manifested by soul atman of Bill Gates, who knows what new human form the soul atman manifests. It is quite possible that next manifestation by soul atman of Bill Gates is at a much lower level than the present one.


All is decided by our residual balance of karma at the time of death. If we have a Punya karma in balance, our next manifestation may be even better than the present one.


To escape from cycle of birth and death, to become a pure soul atman indulgence in spirituality detailed in Bhagavad Gita is the only solution. But here lies a problem! Nothing in Bhagavad Gita can be understood literally. No wonder how many times one reads, contents of Bhagavad Gita ever becomes clear.


The teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita can be understood only by indulgence in contemplation (chintan) all the time. Unless we master art of contemplation we could not progress spiritually. Spirituality was totally distinct from religion (path of rituals).


Indulging in Bhagavad Gita via path of jnana yoga (absolute wisdom) human beings finally emancipated from cycle of birth and death forever. It is Bhagavad Gita alone that leads mankind towards state of enlightenment.

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