What are various methods of Self Realization and which is the best

Can anyone categorize methods of self realization into chapters, notes or any other written or oral medium for one to indulge in spirituality successfully to reach state of self realization!


Journey of self realization is an inward journey towards the spirit, soul atman existing in our heart. Someone has rightly said, as many human beings as many different paths to God Almighty can there be. As our understanding of spiritual precepts accordingly the grasp!


The teacher taught all students in class the same material yet, one comes first and the other last. This happens because it is not the understanding of the teacher that is in question but the students themselves. The grasping power of every single student varied from another. The teaching material remaining the same, every single student would grasp it differently.


Without thinking of self realization as something out of textbooks, we must indulge in pure spirituality via path of contemplation (chintan). Only then we can hope to reach state of self realization, god realization. In field of pure spirituality self-pity is not permitted.


If our grasp of spiritual principles of life is lower compared to others, we are not at fault. We are simply in class one and the other can be in class 3 or class 10, even a Nobel laureate.


Furthermore, whatever our accomplishments of spirituality in present life time nothing ever goes waste in transition. After death of present body our soul atman would manifest a new body based on residual balance of karma at the time of death. In the next manifestation we can start from the very same level we left in present life.


For this very reason, one can indulge in spirituality as time permits and also whenever possible.


Spirituality is a path that can never be travelled under pressure. We must always indulge in spirituality out of free will, not if forced by parents or elders in the family.

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