Is the law of Karma true to every good or bad action

If we try to climb a small hill in the vicinity of our town what would it be termed? Generally one would say we are interested in mountaineering. One who goes climbing Mount Everest is also a mountaineer. Both had the same principle in mind, indulged in same action.


Similarly every single action good or bad is part of karma, the underlying inherent doctrine of karma. Even every single thought precipitates into an act of karma. No human being can ever say one was idling for in that idle state also karma was at work but in the background.


God Almighty ordained doctrine of karma in a fashion that none could halt it. Karma always keeps working around the clock every single moment of life. Even when we were in deep sleep karma was at its work. Every single dream occurrence form part of karma! Even in subconscious state karma keeps working.


At the end of the day what we experienced was the residual balance of karma. At any given moment of life we indulged both in positive and negative thoughts. The fruits of, action indulged by us is resultant of both negative and positive thoughts combine together. We just could not separate bad actions from good actions.


Suppose I stood at level +44. If bad karma resulted in a negative marking of -3 and good karma in a positive marking of +2 then we would exist at karmic index of +43. At any given moment of life it is only the residual balance of karma, the fructifying karma that rules the roost.


In domain of God not even a single action, an act of karma goes unnoticed. Anything indulged by human beings in isolation, not in knowledge of anybody never goes unnoticed. Karma not only keeps notice of everything but we also get paid for the same. None world over can escape inscrutable laws of karma.


One finally becomes free of all bondages of karma after reaching state of self realization, god realization.

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